“Meticulously researched and perfectly gossipy.” — Ron Mwangaguhunga’s The Corsair

“A heaping plate of smouldering dish.” — Ron Mwangaguhunga’s The Corsair once again

“Book of the week.” — iVestDirectWeekly

“Very enjoyable.” — KendraStuff

“Destined to be a classic, like Stephen Birmingham’s book on the Dakota.” — Got It Goin’ On!

“An intense and fascinating glimpse into the world of the super-rich and ultra-elite, 740 Park Avenue is a must read for anyone interested in Manhattan’s social history. This book dishes the dirt on some of the wealthiest and most famous (and infamous) members of the social set for the past ¾’s of a century. From Jackie O and Rockefeller to the Perelman’s this book is chock-full of the intimate details that guarantee a fascinating read.” — The Bluestocking Book Review

“A must read… the ultimate in real estate porn.” — kenneth in the (212)

“Three Things You Want to do Really Badly Right Now:
~ watch the SGA episode “The Long Goodbye”
~ bake chocolate cake
~ read the book ’740 Park’ by Michael Gross (my mom is currently reading it *glare*)”
So Far Away — Meme Spammage