I scan the real estate sections and the realty blogs daily, hoping for news of more sales, births, deaths, scandals or moments of joy at 740 Park, but here in the Great Recession there are none. So with the publications date of Rogues’ Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money That Made the Made the Metropolitan Museum fast approaching (eight more days! eight more days!), I am taking this opportunity to retire the 740 Park blog, at least until something, anything!, happens there. I’m sure the last of the widows, prospective parents and pillars of finance there will be happy about that. As am I. Though I’ve yet to receive a commission for helping establish the building’s primacy on New York’s Gold Coast, four years after publication, 740 Park is still selling. I am unbelievably grateful to all concerned for that. Now, we head eleven blocks north and a few block west.