“The story of New York’s most exclusive residential building is anything but simple. It took a reporter and storyteller like Michael Gross to lay out the epic tale – truly, the story of American capitalism and 20th-century New York society – that is 740 Park Ave. The result is a fascinating glimpse inside the walls of the most fabulous living spaces known to man. For homeowners who enjoy the sport of keeping up with the Joneses, reading Gross’ book provides the ultimate in “aspirational dwelling” fantasy material. Imagine a co-op of such staggering private wealth that it requires applicants to have a liquid net worth of $100 million to even be considered for admission. Imagine a co-op board so selective that it wouldn’t consider Barbra Streisand (“an actress and, worse than that, a singer,” Gross writes), Joan Crawford, Neil Sedaka or Barbara Walters. And imagine living among people who constitute America’s ruling class.This is the kind of heady terrain Gross knows well.” — Elite Retreat: N.Y. Address Feeds Our Fascination with the Rich, Hartford Courant, November 4, 2005