Two residents of 740 Park have made financial news in recent days. But as Ezra Merkin‘s luster dimmed due to his central role in the alleged Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, Steven Mnuchin‘s future brightened as he put together a team of “a lot of Wall Street’s ‘smartest money,’” according to the Wall Street Journal (online subscription required) to take over the failed mortgage lender, IndyMac. Mnuchin will be its CEO. Mnuchin, who followed his father to Goldman Sachs before going out on his own, lives with his wife Heather deForest Crosby Mnuchin (above with her husband), a descendent of American aristocrats (including Frances Scott Key, composer of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’), in the sprawling apartment 8-9A at 740 Park. It has been sold from relative to relative in his family for three generations.