John Thain, the former head of Merrill Lynch, lost his new-ish job with Bank of America today, after it discovered large losses at the brokerage that it bought a few weeks back. Thain, who was running the New York Stock Exchange when he bought the smallest but most beautiful penthouse at 740 Park as a city pied-a-terre for $27.5 million in 2006, is the latest resident of the storied apartment house to find his good fortune tarnished in the Great Recession. This news comes just a day after it was revealed that a year ago, Thain had spent $1.22 million redecorating his Merrill office — including a $1,400 garbage can — more than the cost of most people’s primary homes, let alone their decor. Ain’t that a Thain? Will tomorrow’s news include his golden kiss-off payment? Stay tuned.