On my speaking tour of Southern California last month, I met more than a dozen museum directors, trustees and donors, some of whose names would not be out of place on the plaques lining the grand stairs of the Metropolitan Musuem, many of whom had kind words to say about Rogues’ Gallery — a pleasant change from the wrinkled-nose disdain of the Met’s hierarchy, which has been chronicled in this column. But private conversations should stay private, so much as I’ve savored it, I won’t repeat their praise. But now, the Director of the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas, Amy L. Hofland, has become the latest brave soul to risk the Met’s wrath by praising the book publicly on D Magazine’s Reading Room blog. She calls it an “unofficial, juicy and probably very true history… a definite must read for anyone with an interest in art and museums.” That’s worth crowing about.