This customer review of Rogues’ Gallery was posted recently by marilynnewyork on “I heard this author speak at the Mid-Manhattan Library a few months ago. He was such a fabulous speaker, I recommend him to all history aficionados — especially Manhattan history — what a great dinner speaker he would make. If you live in NYC, you’re always curious about what makes Manhattan tick. Why are the lives of the rich and famous people who contribute to the Metropolitan Museum and to the New York Public Library … so protected from criticism by the media including the New York Times? This author tells all. More than once I wanted to go — ‘Aha! So that’s what happened. Wow!’ To a reader who just wants Art alone … that’s not the main feature of this book. The reader will get REALITY — the people whose lives are entwined with the founding and development of this great museum. And it ain’t all pretty. But it’s a wonderful story.”