Judith Dobrzynski’s Real Clear Arts, the new (and IMHO journalistically best) arts journal blog, comments on newish Metropolitan Museum of Art director Thomas Campbell’s appearance last week at what sounds like a pretty bland Alliance for the Arts forum. “Mostly, Campbell repeated things he has said before: the Met will have fewer exhibitions, more drawn from the permanent collection, more ‘dossier’ shows like that built around ‘The Milkmaid,’ a redesigned website, better signage and interpretive materials to ‘enliven, inform and invigorate’ the ‘visitor experience,’ and so on,” she reports. Campbell’s rookie year runs out in ten days with nary a misstep… but (having come to office in the brutal January of 2009) nary an accomplishment of note, either. Unfortunately for the British tapestries expert, you only get one shot at being rookie of the year. But look at it this way, with his spotless first-year record, he’s unlikely to suffer from a sophomore slump.