Hedge Clippers, a progressive activist group, is taking aim at 15CPW penthouse owner and Third Point hedge fund honcho Daniel Loeb, reports the New York Observer. “Besides glitzy apartments and mega-yachts, Dan Loeb has developed a penchant for supporting right-wing politicians and other officials who put Wall Street’s interests ahead of Main Street’s interests,” the report reads. “This kind of political investment pays off for Loeb–-the Republican-led Senate blocks all efforts to close the carried interest loophole, levy a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on financial speculators’ stock transactions, or assess other taxes and fees on hedge fund managers and billionaires that would shrink the inequality gap in New York State.” Fortunately, one member of the Loeb family–Loeb’s wife Margaret Munzer Loeb–is likely okay with people talking trash about her husband. She’s one of the chairmen of the PEN Literary Gala–the annual celebration of free expression–taking place May 5th at the American Museum of Natural History. PEN has a long history of courting New York’s richest. Back in 1990, controversy erupted when Gayfryd Steinberg, then the wife of a famous greenmailer, was the gala’s co-host, “earning the contempt of some writers and editors who dismiss the dinners as glitzy gatherings where authors sell themselves to the wealthy,” the New York Times reported. “PEN is a writers’ organization and, to my mind, it is unseemly, and corrupting, for an organization of writers to become a toy of the very wealthy,” it quoted E. L. Doctorow, the author. “PEN does not cozy up to students, the poor or even the middle-class reader.”