Five years ago, an apartment my wife and I owned was flooded, and my co-op’s insurance company, a subsidiary of AIG, offered us seven cents back for every dollar we’d lost, even though we had what’s called a “replacement” policy that should have paid to repair the damages entirely. When we kicked up a fuss, AIG sent a team of people to eyeball the place, led by a man who looked very much like Martin Sullivan, the chief executive AIG canned yesterday. I can’t be sure it was him because I was seeing red after the beefy, white-haired dude walked in, looked around, and muttered, “What a s**thole.” Doh. A gorgeous, 1840s top-nailed quarter sewn oak floor had been destroyed, Greek Revival moldings had melted, and the ceiling was buckling. So I cheered when Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, Sullivan’s predecessor, was kicked to the curb a few years back. I’d like to believe that today’s news means Mr. S**thole has gotten his just desserts, too. Yeah, karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Marty?