Now that Fashion Week is over and the fine-feathered flock flies east to Euroland, it’s time to cast my eyes west to Unreal Estate (the new new book instead of the old new book). It’s appropriate that the first word (by me, at least) on my look at luxury estates in west Los Angeles and the people who live in them comes in Travel + Leisure, where I’ve been a Contributing Editor for many years. In “The Star Factor,” in the Fortieth Anniversary October 2011 issue of T+L, I take a Starline tour of my subject city, ponder those famous maps of the star homes and wonder what on earth is so attractive about the homes of Christina Aguilera and Tom Cruise. They’re not the stars of the book, by the way. For that, you have to wait ’til November 1st. CORRECTION: In the printed version of the story, I confused Doheny Road and Doheny Drive. Christina Aguilera’s house is on the former, not the latter. The mistake will be corrected online.