“What a swell party it was,” writes Steve Garbarino in Room 100, the Thomson Hotel blog. “In 1996, journalist-author Michael Gross (“740 Park,” “Rogues’ Gallery”) blew the lid on the backstage of the fashion world: the champagne, the anorexia, the lesbo sex, the diva behavior, the model agency parasites, the delicious cruelty of it all. Now in time for Fashion Week, the New York Times best-selling Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women is being re-released (with a new afterword by the author), and it’s worth a re-appraisal. Not to mention, Gross’s new tell-all Unreal Estate: Money, Ambition, and the Lust for Land in Los Angeles (Random House) is also coming round the bend Nov. 1st: an exposé on La-La’s players and palaces, and what you do want to know is going on behind the gates and see-cret enclaves ‘over there.’ We hear it makes ‘Chinatown’ look like Disney Land.”