Yesterday’s post (just below) on the threat to New York’s carriage horses got some linkage here and here and here, as well as some Facebook comments. Here is a sampling of those:

“agree 100%. I’m serious. Let’s all start a petition and write Bloomie!” E.F.S.

“Banning those great horses for cars. The world just gets worse and worse… ” K.P.

“I just read your article about the carriage horses, what a shame if they leave new york, they almost seem like tradition at this point… to see them leave would really be sad. you have a very good idea to close off the traffic altogether on those two lanes, if organized properly this could work… i hope someone who is listening will consider your suggestion… ” K.A.

Supporters of the Central Park carraige horses should write notes of protest to Tony Avella, the Queens city councilman who is leading the effort to ban these wonderful living Manhattan landmarks. You can reach him at