Back in 1991, William Luers, then president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, moved into an apartment on the second floor of 993 Fifth Avenue, a distinguished limestone building by architect Emery Roth, right across the street from the museum. It had previously sheltered Luers’ predecessor William Macomber, and would subsequently be passed to his successor David McKinney. It’s changed hands twice in the years since, according to city records. On November 28, 2005, it was sold by McKinney to his successor, Emily Kernan Rafferty for a mere $10, though she apparently never moved in, for last March 31, when she sold it to the Met’s then brand-new director, Thomas Campbell, again for $10, her recorded address was still the 1926 apartment building on West 77th Street — facing the American Museum of Natural History — that she’d lived in when she first “bought” the Fifth Avenue flat. A similar apartment facing the Met sold recently for just under $5 million. Nice deal, Tom!