Ten months after publication, Rogues’ Gallery continues to draw readers and praise around the world. This week, three blogs cited the book. Pravdakino, by Indonesian film and video student Veronika Kusumaryati calls it “worthy reading but in some parts, regrettable due to its writer’s love of gossip and drama. But I still think it should be read by art history students and those who are curious about the life of the rich people who made USA.” Turn The Page by Birmingham, Alabama, writer Susan Swagler, recommends it. And I’m A Domestic Goddess, a blog by an anonymous “mother, wife and daughter” in Manila, The Phillipines, says it’s “ripe with gossip about some of NYC’s most moneyed families, the Morgans, the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers” and “provides much insight into one of the country’s beloved and cherished cultural institutions.”