Nice to see that all of New York’s newspapers have finally joined the crusade to save New York’s venerable Central Park carriage horses. Though some only started paying attention once public opinion swung against newish Mayor Bill DeBlasio, one, the New York Post, has been on the side of the horses and those who love them all along. As Linda Stasi noted in yesterday’s Daily News, I started beating the pro-carriage horse drum here back in 2009, with my post, “It’s Parkingtown, Jake,” which revealed that a founder of the group agitating against the horses had broadly hinted that its real agenda was real estate, a special interest of this blog–original reporting that has been repeated frequently (and frequently without credit). I followed up with a column in a weekly publication that drew a howl of protest from one of prime movers behind the ludicrous suggestion that the horses be replaced with Disney-like faux antique cars. Suffice to say, the more (pro-horse protests) the merrier. Let’s put stables back in Central Park, keep the horse carriages there as well, and put an end to demagoguery that makes New York look like Orlando. UPDATE: The Daily News reveals that the FBI is investigating threats made against former Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn by the anti-horse carriage group, and asks its readers to sign a petition to save the carriages.