Two of America’s most venerable fonts of gossip, Liz Smith and George Christy, weigh in on Rogues’ Gallery today. Christy loves it in the Beverly Hills Courier, calling it “a pageturner that unravels like an elite whodunit… a captivating, tattle-tale yarn, [that] will spark a furor.” Smith, in her column, isn’t so sure, but agrees about the furor part, at least. She says it is a “fabulous, realistic, well-researched book,” but adds that it is “marred” by what she variously describes as a “devastating attack” on, a “diatribe” against, and “condemnation” of “pillars at the top of the City’s social strata.” “This,” Smith concludes, “is indeed going to start a firestorm of controversy.” Readers can decide for themselves next Tuesday, when Rogues’ Gallery arrives in bookstores.