This unsolicited endorsement of Rogues’ Gallery just in: “I do not think you could have done better had the Met given you everything you asked for including a dash of honesty,” Tom Hoving says. “It is riveting and accurate. You handled me with ‘tough love’ and I understand. For a lot of things I did or engineered were failures. You were fair but rough. I appreciate that. Funny, but had I read the parts on [John D.] Rockefeller [Jr.] and [longtime New York Commissioner of Parks Robert] Moses before [Metropolitan Museum chairman Arthur] Houghton asked me to take the job, I would have turned it down. My God! The back-stabbing and Machiavellian conspiracies! I had no idea. I learned a lot about the formation of The Cloisters, which I really knew nothing about.” Hoving is a former curator of The Cloisters and Commissioner of Parks and was director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1967 to 1977. His memoir, Artful Tom, is being serialized on artnet.com.
Image of The Director by Andrew Wyeth courtesy Tom Hoving