David Patrick Columbia has written briefly about Unreal Estate before. Today, he offers a lengthy review, and it’s as provocative as I tried to make the book. “Houses are fascinating because houses are people,” he writes. “And when there’s the more, there’s the merrier, not to mention hucksters and hustlers, money managers and lawyers, and the misled, the misplaced, as well as the maudlin, and even murderous. It’s life on the other side of the real fence, and it’s not like yours or mine. That’s what you get in this book; the hot skinny and with caviar and creme fraiche. And Michael serves it up with an appetite for it as big as any reader’s. He does not disappoint….Michael’s style is strong and doesn’t skip a beat. If he’s going to take on a story, he’s going to get it. Dogged, that appetite for uncovering, disrobing the characters – although never unkindly, yet with a curiosity that would once have been called vulgar, but these days is right on the money….The intrepid journalist always looking for the scoop. Break the story, tell the truth, show the consequences, unmask the villains. Them, and the village idiots. There are quite a few of those garnishing the real estate fables in Unreal Estate.” There’s lots more on the book, last week’s book party, and even a certain book reviewer who doesn’t agree with David at New York Social Diary.