Ralph Lauren, who has already won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, is now being named a fashion legend by the same group, a move that surely wasn’t timed to his 40th business birthday. The CFDA often gives out consolation prizes like these when a big fashion advertiser designer isn’t winning the awards that some think actually matter (they don’t, but never mind), like women’s designer of the year. True, Ralph has been nominated for menswear designer of the year this year, but that happens almost every year (he last won in 1996), and he hasn’t won the award for women’s fashion, the recognition he truly craves, since 1995. Which raises the question, what award can they invent for him next year? IMHO, Fashion Moneymaker of the Year will likely fit him like a Jermyn Street suit. But in truth, he should share that one with Roger Farah, who’s run his company for the last few years, and pulled Polo Ralph Lauren’s stock price up from the curb to the stratosphere.