… but Laura Hunt gave a great cocktail party in Dallas for Rogues’ Gallery on Wednesday night — and has the photos the regular chroniclers of such fashionable events won’t dare run. The book that must-not-be-named was “embraced by Dallas,” the site says. And SFR International (it stands for Social and Financial Responsibility) covers the next day’s Rogues’ Gallery luncheon at the Adolphus Hotel. “Michael Gross knows how to weave a spellbinding tale,” says the site. “His story takes us behind the scenes of one of the greatest museums on earth [and] takes Non Fiction to new heights. His tale is so well told it moves with the pace of a great action and adventure novel. The intrigue is deep and the characters are rich with flavor. You can almost imagine yourself transported back in time, when the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Whitneys and Morgans ruled the country like Kings and Queens.” Guests at the two events included Dee Simmons, Suzanne Palmund, Linda Ivy, Mordan, Gail Stoffel, Mary Noel Lamont, Nasher Sculpture Center director Jeremy Strick, Kimberly Chang and Yannick Mathieu, Stefano Basilico, Kim & Justin Whitman, Nancy Dedman, Nancy Lemmon, Brad Kelly, Ric Robertson, Carole & John Lee, Rita & Henry Hortenstine, Capera Ryan, Jacque Wynne, David Gravelle and Lynne & Roy Sheldon. UPDATE: The Mordan referred to above, who was also the publisher of the (now) ironically titled SFR, is a convicted criminal , now alleged to be a btrilliant swindler and has just been arrested and jailed. Talk about a rogue!