… to be director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas P. Campbell, the latest man in that job, tells the Wall Street Journal today, explaining that his toughest challenge has been starting work at 8 AM daily and not stopping until evening. Phew. The museum’s uphill PR campaign to make Campbell a compelling public presence continues, aided by the bedazzled local media, and for once, Campbell comes bearing some news, albeit not very new news, the appointment (last September) of Alejandro Santo Domingo, 32, to the museum’s board, and finally noting the obvious: “‘Going forward, a new generation of collectors and supporters will become a bigger part of boards, not only at the Met,’ Mr. Campbell predicted.” (If I were Wall Streeter Denis Kelleher, appointed to the board in November, I’d be a little put out by the omission of my name.) The Journal describes young Santo Domingo as a financier, but also fails to note that his experience is mostly confined to working for his father, the uber-wealthy Colombian industrialist Julio Mario Santo Domingo of 740 Park. Neither does the Journal challenge Campbell’s biggest whopper: “We have nothing to hide,” he says. Then why ban Rogues’ Gallery from the Met store, Tom? CORRECTION: A photo originally run with this item was of Santo Domingo’s brother Andres and his wife, not Alejandro Santo Domingo.