740 Park: Cast of Characters

The Story of the World’s Richest Apartment Building

In the 75 years since it opened, 740 Park Avenue has housed an extraordinary group of tenants — achievers, heirs and even a couple of air-heads. In researching 740 Park, Michael Gross collected the near-complete list of occupants below. You can sort the table by their names, the year they moved in or out or by apartment by clicking on an underlined column heading. When available, click the Photo Icon icon to see photographs or the Web Icon icon to visit a related website in a new window.

This sortable list is no longer updated, so it only accurate through 2005; since then Enid Haupt’s penthouse has passed to financial crisis poster boy John Thain, the Coleman apartment was sold to heiress Tamara Winn, Speight to financier Jonathan Sobel, Vera Wang bought her late parents’ apartment, Courtney Sale Ross sold her double-wide to financier Howards Marks, and Greg and Linda Fischbach have made way for 15 CPW co-developer William Lie Zeckendorf.

Currently sorting table by: Apartment

Name About the Tenants Moved In Moved Out Apartment
Click to see photoSherburn and Irene S BeckerSocial Register Stockbroker193219391/2/3B
Capt David Carlisle and Mary Taylor Moulton HanrahanShe: Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad193119391/2/3D
Click to see websiteGiles and Flora E. WhitingShe: American Lithographic/Crowell-Collier1941197310/11A
Michael and Caryl PalinShe: The Sands Hotel, He: Developer1973current resident10/11A
Click to see websiteNathaniel P and Elinor Dorrance HillShe: Campbell's Soup1936195910/11B
Vice Admiral Stuart H and Elinor Dorrance IngersollShe: Campbell's Soup1977198310/11B
Harry and Florence WangDesigner Vera Wang's parents1983current resident10/11B
Click to see photoAllene, Princess Henry XXXIII of ReussShe: Hotstetter's Bitters/General Electric 1931193810/11C
Gayer DominickNational City Bank1936194010/11C
Mrs. Wilton Lloyd-SmithLumber/Iron Ore1941194910/11C
Irene GuggenheimGuggenheim Mining1950195610/11C
Click to see websiteFrederic E and Alida CampMillikin Textiles1956197110/11C
Antonio GebauerJ.P. Morgan1973198910/11C
Click to see websiteLewis van AmerongenLBOs1990199410/11C
Hamburg and Miranda TangAlloys Unlimited1994current resident10/11C
Click to see photoG. Beekman HoppinBeekman Estate1930194210/11D
Click to see websiteLangbourne M Jr. and Elizabeth Stillman WilliamsShe: Mayflower descendent He: Colonial Williamsburg1944196510/11D
Alexander Mellon and Judith LaughlinHe: Gulf Oil1962197510/11D
Kenneth S and Lou RosenHe: Warner Communications, She: LBJ aide and beauty queen1976198210/11D
Ralph and Lou H DavidsonHe: Time Inc.1982198810/11D
Click to see websiteBeatrice and Julio Mario Santo DomingoHe: Avianca1988current resident10/11D
Robert Thurlow and Mildred Bedford VanderbiltShe: Standard Oil1933195612/13A
Richard R H GrantGeneral Motors1956195912/13A
Maurice E. and Harriet R. OlenH.L. Green Stores1959195912/13A
Henry David and Dasha EpsteinHe: Developer, She: Broadway Producer1959197612/13A
GermanyConsul-General in New York1976current resident12/13A
Click to see websiteMarshall Field IIIMarshall Field1936195712/13B
Click to see websiteGardiner "Mike" and Jan CowlesHe: Cowles Communications1957196912/13B
Click to see photoClick to see websiteKeith and Ann BarishHe: Gramco, Planet Hollywood1969197812/13B
FrancePermanent Representative to the United Nations1978current resident12/13B
Click to see photoSherburn M., Jr BeckerStockbroker1931193612/13C
Kay and George V. McLaughlinHe: Police Commissioner, Banker, Brooklyn Dodgers1943194812/13C
R Sterling ClarkSinger Sewing Machine1952195612/13C
Walter H and Maud M AldridgeHe: Texas Gulf Sulphur1956197612/13C
Click to see websiteWilliam A. and Ilene GoldmanHe: Screenwriter1973198812/13C
Steven J. and Courtney Sale RossWarner Communications1988199212/13C
Courtney Sale RossTime-Warner1992current resident12/13C
Click to see photoBayard Cushing HoppinBeekman Estate1931193212/13D
William Hale HarknessStandard Oil1932194712/13D
Mrs. (Elizabeth) Grant HarknessStandard Oil1946194912/13D
Click to see photoAlfred H CasparyCollector1950195612/13D
Click to see photoGeorge and Isabel "Missy" LeibShe: Louisville Courier-Journal, He: Blyth Witter1956197812/13D
R W Hogeland and Kay IselinHe: Gulf & Western, She: New York Jets1978198212/13D
Steve and Courtney RossWarner Communications1982199212/13D
Click to see websiteCourtney Sale RossTime-Warner1992current resident12/13D
Click to see photoLandon Ketchum and Julia L ThorneBonbright & Co., American Superpower1931197514A/B
Donald G and Trinka RynneShe: Goodyear Tire & Rubber1975199814A/B
Click to see websiteSteven and Christine RalesDanaher Corp1999200014A/B
Israel EnglanderMillenium Capital2000current resident14A/B
Click to see photoWilliam N DaveyJohnson & Higgins1930194214c/D
Joseph V & Louise SantryCombustion Engineering1942196414C/D
Click to see photoLydia O'LearyCovermark1964198614C/D
Click to see websiteSpyros NiarchosNiarchos Group (Shipping)1986current resident14C/D
Click to see photoGeorge S and Eleanor BrewsterStandard Oil1931193615/16B
Click to see websiteJohn D., Jr., and Abby Aldrich RockefellerStandard Oil1937194715/16B
Click to see websiteJohn D. Jr. and Martha Baird RockefellerStandard Oil1947197115/16B
Click to see photoSaul and Barbara SteinbergReliance Group1971197815/16B
Saul and Laura SteinbergReliance Group1978198115/16B
Click to see websiteSaul and Gayfryd SteinbergReliance Group1981200015/16B
Click to see photoClick to see websiteStephen and Christine Hearst SchwarzmanBlackstone Group2000current resident15/16B
James T LeeShelton Holdings1931193715/16D
Isabel (Mrs. Lewis Cass) LedyardJ.P. Morgan lawyer's widow1937195615/16D
John D., Jr. RockefellerStandard Oil1955195615/16D
Click to see photoThomas M Jr and Peggy Bedford BancroftStandard Oil1956196215/16D
Elinor and Milton GordonHe: Lassie 1962197215/16D
Sanford J ZimmermanHe: Abraham & Strauss1971197715/16D
Click to see photoClick to see websiteDavid J and Barbara M. MahoneyHe: Norton Simon1977198115/16D
Click to see websiteRonald and Jo Carol LauderHe: Estee Lauder1981current resident15/16D
Click to see photoClick to see websiteClarence J and Dorothea Quigley ShearnHe: Hearst lawyer1933195317B
Click to see photoByron and Thelma Chrylser FoyShe: Chrsyler1953195817B
John D., Jr. RockefellerStandard Oil1958197117B
Click to see photoHomer A and Vicky LangdonHe: inherited IBM stock1973197817B
Kamel and Clothilde Abdul-RahmanContractor's Constructiom Company1978199417B
John H and Lynn Claflin FosterHe: venture capital1984199317B
Linda and Gregory FishbachHe: Computer Games (Mortal Kombat)1994current resident17B
Blanche Brownell GrantW.T. Grant Stores, Gurdjieff disciple1933194017D
Joshua and Blanche RosettShe: W.T. Grant Stores, He: neuroscientist1940196717D
Click to see websiteEnid HauptTV Guide heiress1967current resident17D
Click to see websiteJ. Watson and Electra H WebbHe: New York Central, She: Havemeyer Sugar1931196117PH
Click to see websiteEdgar M and Ann Loeb BronfmanHe: Seagram, She: Loeb Rhoades1961197917PH
Steven J and Amanda Burden RossWarner Communications1980198217PH
Click to see websiteLuis and Mercedes NoboaBonita Banana1982200417PH
Click to see websiteGeorge and Countess Marie Douglas David He: United Technologies, She: German Royalty2004current resident17PH
William R Jr KirklandShe: coal and iron, He: Insurance194619482/3A
Click to see photoAnthony M and Mary Del BalsoHe: Del Balso Construction195019642/3A
GermanyConsul-General in New York196419712/3A
Click to see websiteWinston and Bette LordHe: Ambassador to China, She: novelist1971unknown2/3A
S Sloan ColtBanker's Trust194519482/3B
Mrs & Mrs C Ledyard BlairHe: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, She: Alexander Brown & Sons194719492/3B
FrancePermanent Representative to the United Nations194919782/3B
Click to see websiteAlan & Diana QuashaHe: Harkin Energy197919802/3B
Yvonne & Gustavo De GimenezHe: Cerveceria Polar (beer)198119962/3B
Alberto & Yvonne UribeHe: Pepsi199319962/3B
Andrew and Dana StoneHe: Credit Suisse First Boston1996current resident2/3B
Clinton Rutherford Jr BlackInsurance194519652/3C
Click to see websiteArchie BleyerCadence Records196619792/3C
Charles and June DysonLBOs1979current resident2/3C
H Donald CampbellChase National Bank194219452/3D
Northam L and Eleanor Grant GriggsShe: Elizabeth Harkness's sister194819732/3D
T Kirk 3d ParrishBeech-Nut Lifesavers197419772/3D
D Martin and Jane Foster LorberShe: Dutch land-grant family, He: British land-grant family197719972/3D
Click to see websiteKent and Elizabeth SwigHe: Fairmont Hotels, She: Macklowe Properties2000current resident2/3D
William Stamps and Libbie Randon Rice FarishHe: Humble Oil194019424/5A
H B 3d and Elizabeth HollinsShe: Philadelphia trollies194519484/5A
Goran F and Elizabeth HolmquistShe: Philadelphia trollies194719484/5A
Click to see photoCol. William SchiffSchiff, Terhune insurance194919564/5A
Bruce A. and Barbara GimbelHe: Saks Fifth Avenue195719654/5A
Martin and Janet ColemanMosler Safes1964current resident4/5A
Click to see photoFrances ScovilleMayflower descendent193119484/5B
Thomas S and Theresa NicholsShe: Avon194619484/5B
Click to see websiteFrederic E and Alida CampShe: Milliken Textiles194819564/5B
Click to see websiteAngier Biddle DukeAmerican Tobacco, J.P. Morgan, Drexel195619614/5B
TurkeyPermanent Representative to the United Nations196219654/5B
JapanPermanent Representative to the United Nations196520034/5B
Click to see websiteDavid and Julia KochKoch Industries2003current resident4/5B
Bertram H BordenFall River Ironworks193019344/5C
Click to see websiteMrs Arthur F (Harriett P) SchermerhornPullman Cars193519574/5C
Mary WeirWeir Steel195719654/5C
Click to see websiteJerzy N KosinskiNovelist196219654/5C
Randolph and June SpeightShe: New Mexico oil, He: stockbroker1965current resident4/5C
Mrs. Chas. L RikerDutch land-grant family193519434/5D
Col. John N Jr. SmithRiker sub-tenant194519484/5D
Mrs. Samuel (Frances T) RikerDutch land-grant family194819534/5D
Preston and May DavieHe: Kentucky lawyer, She: Ladenburg Thallmann195419764/5D
Peter C R HuangCity Investing1977current resident4/5D
Click to see photoJohn V. 3rd and Janet Lee BouvierParents of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill193119386/7A
Francis and Mabel Brady GarvanHe: New York District Attorney, She: Heiress193919806/7A
Click to see websiteRand V. and Jesse AraskogHe: ITT198020056/7A
David GanekHedge fund executive2005current resident6/7A
Clifford R Hendrixstockbroker193519386/7B
Allene and Count Paul de KotzebueShe: Hotstetter's Bitters/General Electric, He: Russian nobleman193819576/7B
Click to see websiteWalter ChryslerChrysler195519596/7B
Lewis and Lena LeaderHe: R.P. Fransworth195919676/7B
Click to see websiteArthur D. and Tova LeidesdorfHe: S.D. Leidesdorf & Co., She: Miss Israel196719776/7B
Click to see photoClick to see websiteRonald PerelmanMacAndrews & Forbes, Revlon198419856/7B
Faith GoldingSterling National Bank198419956/7B
Ezra and Lauren MerkinHe: Gabriel Capital Corp.1995current resident6/7B
Francis and Mabel Brady GarvanHe: New York District Attorney, She: Heiress193619396/7C
E. Farrar and Rosina BatesonHe: Great-great nephew of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy194519496/7C
George and Doda EmbiricosHe: Embiricos Shipping, She: N.J. Goulandris (shipping)195219636/7C
Click to see photoMrs. Doris VidorWarner Brothers196319686/7C
Ronald D and Sally Faile JeançonShe: Avon, He: Oil196719816/7C
Sally FaileShe: Avon196719856/7c
Giovanna BongiascaItalian concrete1985current resident6/7C
Katherine.B. and Morris HadleyHe: Milbank Tweed Hadley Hope partner193519806/7D
John FrenchVenture Capital198019876/7D
Click to see websiteThomas W and Barbara StraussHe: Salomon Brothers, She: Bachmann Textiles1988current resident6/7D
Sidney A MitchellBonbright & Co. 194019428/9A
William Jr. OttmanEhret Brewery194319488/9A
Bartholomew J and Lillian BarryHe: textiles, She: coal194819628/9A
Emanuel TernerMetro Glass (beer and soda bottles)196319798/9A
Mark and Carol LedermanMetro Glass (beer and soda bottles) heir197920008/9A
Click to see websiteSteven and Heather MnuchinHe: Goldman Sachs, She: descendent of Declaration of Independence signer2000current resident8/9A
Click to see photoMrs Walter Phelps Blissdescendent of Declaration of Independence signer193419618/9B
John T CahillU.S. Attorney196519728/9B
Click to see websiteDavid J and Barbara M. MahoneyHe: Norton Simon197019788/9B
Click to see websitePrince Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz al SaudKingdom of Saudi Arabia197919928/9B
Click to see websiteAnne Eisenhower and Wolfgang FlottlShe: Presidential granddaughter, He: financier199220008/9B
Click to see websiteThomas and Alice TischLoews Corporation2000current resident8/9B
Click to see photoGouvernour and Sybill Bliss CarnochanShe: Bliss daughter, He: Stockbroker193419618/9B
Francis B Jr. DavisU.S. Rubber193119428/9C
Click to see photoGrace and Edith ScovilleMayflower descendents194519608/9C
Robert Livingston (Tim) 3d IrelandHe: descendent of Declaration of Independence signer196219778/9C
Alan and Simone HartmanHe: Rare Art, Inc.1977current resident8/9C
Lynde and Muriel SeldenHe: American Express, She: Chase Bank193119428/9D
Frank GouldJay Gould heir193919408/9D
Click to see websiteArthur A. Jr HoughtonCorning Glass194519468/9D
Deering HoweInternational Harvester194619528/9D
Jack F ChryslerChrysler195219588/9D
F. William and Edith Chrysler CarrChrysler195919738/9D
Click to see photoC Channing and Jill BlakeHe: Friendly's Ice Cream197319758/9D
Click to see websiteGeorge L and Sondra W Ohrstromprivate equity197719858/9D
Click to see websiteHenry and Carolyne Roehm KravisHe: LBOs, She: fashion198519958/9D
Charles and Loriann StevensonHe: hedge funds, She: personal trainer199519998/9D
Click to see websiteCharles and Alexandra Kucyznski StevensonHe: hedge funds, She: New York Times2002current resident8/9D
Charles S McCainChase National Bank19311934Unknown
John PowersUnknown19311944Unknown
George DjamgaroffThird husband of Lele (Mrs. Marcus) Daly19321936Unknown
Click to see photoClick to see websiteMrs. Marcus II DalyShe: Anaconda Copper19361939Unknown
Louis de l'Aigle Mundscommodities trader19331939Unknown
May Forsyth WickesNiagara Hudson19351940Unknown