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Archive for August, 2008

Kicks on Page Six

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Page Six got hold of the new Doubleday-Broadway catalog and offers a sneak peek at Rogues’ Gallery today. Mediabistro’s Galleycat likes it too. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak, please consider going here and pre-ordering a copy!

Model Mogul

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Jerry Ford, co-founder with his wife Eileen of The Fords model agency and a genuinely nice guy, has died at age 83. He is the second pioneer of modern modeling to die this year, following the real first supermodel, Dorian Leigh. RIP, Jerry.

Hoving Into Sight

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Tom Hoving is back on artnet with some (likely unwanted, but quite possibly needed) advice for the committee searching for a new director at the Metropolitan Musuem. My favorite candidate, the British Museum’s Neal MacGregor, turned them down. The smart money says that makes James Cuno of the Art Institute of Chicago the front-runner in the race for the highest paid non-profit post in America. A respectable enough option but not exactly the “lively, experimental and freewheeling” choice that Hoving is hoping for.

Village Under Seige Pt. 3

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Here we go again. Nikos, the best little magazine store in the city, has been forced out of its home at Sixth Avenue and 11th Street. Today’s New York Sun blames rising rent, but isn’t it also turning tides? Nikos sold a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, mind-bending mish-mash of everything from obscure literary journals to magazines so hot and out-of-the-oven fresh they could scald your fingers. But Greenwich Village is morphing into a theme park for lawyers and bankers where “What’s new?” has been replaced by “How much?” and “Was that Mary-Kate?” “Nikos said the new owner will sell water, soda, Lotto … Continue reading

A Speight of Sales

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Here’s the floor plan (above) and listing for Randolph and June Speight’s $35 million 15-room duplex at 740 Park . No photos yet.

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

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Here’s one for size obsessives. In Sunday’s Big Deal column in the Times, Josh Barbanel reveals that the empty 740 Park C-line apartment long owned by the late Randolph and June Speight is about to come on the market at $35 million, creating an opportunity to combine it with the just-listed-at-$38 million Peter Huang D-line apartment next door, and make a $73 million superstar, the most expensive co-op flat in New York. Barbanel wonders if the co-op board would approve, but in fact, they’ve allowed just such a C&D monster before —slightly smaller, but complete with set-back terraces: Courtney Sale … Continue reading