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Toxic Trustees: Named and Shamed

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New York Magazine’s Whitney Mallett and Katy Schneider have created a guide to the latest gallery of rogues to join the boards of the city’s leading cultural philanthropies. Rogues’ Gallery gets a shout-out–alongside Metropolitan Museum board members like Henry Kissinger and David Koch.

Margiela Unmasked

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According to Wikipedia, only one known photo of the Belgian-born Paris-based designer Martin Margiela exists, taken in 1997 by Marcio Madeira but never officially verified. Here’s a second, taken by me (so I can vouch for its veracity) in Fall 1989 at the second Margiela show I covered in what I understood to be a derelict playground on the outskirts of Paris. It’s one of a huge trove of photos I used as notes for my New York magazine column, The Cutting Edge, and then tossed in a box. They ended up forgotten until I found them again not long … Continue reading