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A Koch Catch-up

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My book 740 Park got name-checked in an article on the Koch family’s real estate holdings the Wall Steet Journal last week. You can read it here. The late David Koch is pictured with the late Frank Lautenberg.

Peggy Siegal: The Wheel Goes ‘Round

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One time PR powerhouse Peggy Siegel is profiled in the new Vanity Fair, says The Daily Front Row, which appears delighted by her comeuppance—-as well as her dubious defenses and reportedly collapsing business—-in the wake of the cascade of indecent exposures regarding her close association with the late Jeffrey Epstein. In VF, per The Daily Beast, she even equated the generalized disdain toward her attempts to rehabilitate Epstein to Nazi-calibre anti-Semitism. This all reminded me of something I wrote about Peggy back when she was still riding high, as opposed to hanging on the ropes. In Social Life in a … Continue reading

Unreal Estate E-book Available Now

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Unreal Estate: Money, Ambition, and The Lust For Land in Los Angeles, the second book in my luxury real estate trilogy, is finally available again, exclusively as an e-book. Said the Los Angeles Times: “Paragraphs of jaw-dropping details about a type of extravagance that might have been scorned even by the very wealthy on the Titanic. But [Unreal Estate] also leaves the reader with a sense of history….[It’s] what would happen if Us Weekly and Architectural Digest had a love child that was much smarter than either. The book provides a panorama of what was going on inside some of … Continue reading