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What Goes Around Returns for Gerald Marie

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Gerald Marie, formerly the head of Elite Models in Paris, a husband of Linda Evangelista, and one of the villains in my 1995 book Model, is back in the news, charged with raping young models, according to the Sunday Times of London. Its story is locked but today’s New York Post includes a synopsis. If the ick factor doesn’t put you off, you can read all about Marie (who once threatened this reporter, saying that if I ever wrote about him I’d “never take another step” in Paris) in Model. These charges are new, but they date to a time … Continue reading

Beekman Town House: Now, That’s a Price Drop

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The late Princess Ashraf Pahlavi’s lavish Beekman Place townhouse has lingered on the market for years, burdened by its historical associations with the former rulers of Iran, and the misimpression that once-lusted-for Midtown East had fallen out fashion. Its recent sale, revealed by Big Ticket in the New York Times, might support that argument, as its sale price had dropped $38.5 million from its initial asking price of $50 million. Or it might mean that bargain hunters seeking a COVID-safe, crowdfree neighborhood have rediscovered an insanely affordable enclave of forgotten history and luxury, a few blocks from Midtown that also … Continue reading