Last week’s kerfluffle over a Gawker prank —splicing my outgoing voicemail message to a sound bite from a radio interview with 740 Park First Lady Alexandra Kuczynski, wife of 740 co-op board president Charles Porter Stevenson Jr. —seems to have unexpectedly long legs. This morning brought an explanation from David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary for those dense souls who didn’t get it, and a requisite response from those crazy kidz at gawker. My attitude toward what Gawker immortalized as Alex’s sock-puppetry on amazon can best be summed up by Elvis Costello’s immortal line: “I used to be disgusted/Now I try to be amused.” So in that holiday spirit, consider this a complete and total utter open letter to Alex. Pistols at dawn at Park and 71st? Lunch at Michael’s? Let me know, yo?