This just in from a granddaughter of Walter Hull Aldridge, the mining magnate whose 740 Park apartment was later sold to screenwriter William Goldman, who described seeing Aldridge being taken to a nursing home when he went for his first look at the apartment: “I am one of the granddaughters of Walter Hull Aldridge, President and Chairman of the Board of Texas Gulf Sulfur Company who resided at 740 Park Avenue (71 East 71st Street) for a number of years. On page 431 you have some incorrect information which I thought I would correct. Walter Hull Aldridge died on August 16, 1959 so he could not have been taken to a nursing home in 1972. Also, he had nurses around the clock and died in his home, never going to a nursing home. My grandmother, Maud Miller Aldridge, on the other hand, might have gone to a nursing home in 1972. She was in a nursing home in the ’70’s. Also on page 304 your refer to him as ‘stoneface’. He died when I was 21 and I never remember anything but a great sense of humor, a smile on his face and always his never ending kindess to all. People worked for him for their entire lives, not only at Texas Gulf Sulfur, but also as servants in his home.”