Turns out there may be an issue with Cityfile’s post (linked below) about plastic surgery memoirist Alex Kuczynski and 740 Park co-op board president Charles Stevenson‘s connubial bliss going pfft. Erstwhile society chronicler David Patrick Columbia says that in fact La Kucyznski is pregnant. “Also in the speculating ‘split’ category, as ‘reported’ in a couple of online gossip columns, are Alex Kuczynski and Charles Stevenson,” David writes on New York Social Diary. “This rumor is based (and baseless) on the fact that Mrs. Kuczynski-Stevenson backed out of an annual Spelling Bee benefit last week and has been ‘noticeably absent from the pages of the Times lately.’ The story: Mrs. K-S has been ‘noticeably absent’ devoting her time to the couple‚Äôs first-born, now six months old, and is officially anticipating their second little one due in February.” Which, if true, likely makes Stevenson very happy. He’s got something like seven kids already, including one that was carried by a surrogate for former Timeswoman Alex, and introduced to the world by Liz Smith. There’s nothing like the pitter-patter of little feet to make a man feel like the king of his castle!