A report has just surfaced (at 6:30 PM for those keeping track of who had it first) that Philippe de Montebello has resigned his post as director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but for the moment, at least, the museum is not confirming it. “The director is meeting with staff members,” says museum spokesman Harold Holzer, who adds that there will be a press conference tomorrow at 11 AM. So, Harold… is it true? “It’s not that it not true,” he says. “If you’ve heard you’ve heard. I can’t confirm anything.” UPDATE: Another informant (thanks ArtNet) informs me “He resigns by the end of 2008, or whenever a successor is found, whichever comes first.” Now, let the betting pool begin. Tinterow? Potts? Govan? Anderson? MacGregor (my choice)? Gentlemen (shouldn’t we ask, where are the ladies?), start your engines. UPDATE #2: The Voice of God confirmed it (at 8:05 PM). “After three decades, to stay much further would be to skirt decency,” de Montebello said. “This has not been an easy decision — it’s wrenching for me, it’s been my entire life. But it’s time.” So what’s left to say at a press conference?