Will Lie Zeckendorf, co-developer with his brother Arthur Zeckendorf of 15 Central Park West, and former owner of apartments there, in the Majestic on Central Park West, and in 740 Park Avenue, has flipped apartments again, reports the New York Times, buying a third-floor eleven-room flat in architect J.E.R. Carpenter’s 960 Park Avenue for $11 million. The seller appears to be Jane Goldman Lewis, a child of the late Sol Goldman who, in his time, owned the largest real estate portfolio in New York City. When not walking on the flip side, Zeckendorf is no slouch in the real estate dynasty department, either. His grandfather, William “Big Bill” Zeckendorf, was a similarly legendary real estate titan in the years after World War II, and his father, Bill Zeckendorf followed in his footsteps. Their roller-coaster family saga is told in my books 740 Park and House of Outrageous Fortune, about 15 CPW, where Will (who is pictured with a model of 15 CPW) set a price-per-square-foot record when he sold a 41st floor apartment there to the founder of Garmin for $40 million in 2010.