New York magazine’s Daily Intel has an item today on what it considers some of the most impressive real estate “flips” of city apartments and buildings — and of course, 740 Park is included, but all the facts are not. The tale of this so-called “flip” of the late Janet Coleman’s duplex earlier this year does not include how much the Mosler Safe heiress and her husband paid for the apartment, which her estate sold for $32 million, because “records don’t show” it, the item says. In fact, it’s hardly a “flip” when your estate sells the place where someone has lived for more than forty years. But that aside, there is a record: In 740 Park, Barbara Gimbel, who owned it with her husband Bruce of the retail family, says they sold it to the Colemans in 1965 for about $100,000. Nice flippin’ profit.