So… as noted (and praised) below, the reigning Queen of Gossip, Liz Smith, was the only working journalist I could identify who both got an invitation to, and then reported on, the 60th birthday party that 740 Park’s most illustrious resident, Steve Schwarzman, gave himself last week. Alas, the Valentine La Liz sent to Sir Steve three days ago was not entirely appreciated — and today’s Smith pillar indicates that the billionaire’s second wife, Christine, took exception to Smith’s choice of nomenclature when she described Schwarzman as a member of the Rich Kids Club, complaining that phrase should only be used to describe trust fund brats (indeed, Schwarzman is not a member of what I call the Lucky Sperm Club; he’s self-made, though his first wife, the daughter of a millionaire, did give him a leg up). Christine, please note, has some expertise with nomenclature. Though she was born Christine Mularchuk, she calls herself Christine Hearst Schwarzman, retaining a famous middle name even though she long ago shed her second husband Austin Chilton Hearst, a card-carrying member of the Rich Kids Club. At least she’s speaking from experience!