Inspired by author Kitty Kelley‘s cameo appearance at the media lunchbox Michael’s yesterday, David Patrick Columbia‘s New York Social Diary today offers some words of wisdom on the subject of unauthorized biography. They also apply to social history. But let him speak for himself: “Biography is always difficult in lifting the subject out of their own fiction and into the light… Most of us — not just famous people — would not be pleased with someone else’s “story” about us. A biographer might look closely at a time or an incident, in one’s life that the individual would like to forget, or has forgotten… Like [in] a society portrait, the subject would prefer to look august and distinguished. And that’s just for starters. However, people in high places, or celebrated places are often interesting because they live bigger lives — have more opportunities, more access, more excess and more sycophants — than most of us. All that makes for munchy reading that may shed light. ” Who else was at Michael’s yesterday? FishbowlNY tells all, as always.