Manhattan brokers have been whispering for a week that Courtney Sale Ross, widow of the late Time Warner chairman Steve Ross, is quietly shopping her double-wide apartment at 740 Park Avenue — and now the New York Observer confirms that she’s looking for a whopping $60 million-plus, which would set a new Manhattan apartment sales record if she gets it. The apartment (two apartments actually, spanning the C and D lines on the 12th and 13th floors), though ungainly, is the largest residence in the building. But Blackstone chairman Stephen Schwarzman still has the best home ( on 15 and 16, stretching across the larger A and B lines) with the best provenance in the best l’il apartment building in New York, and if Sale gets her price, that will make his worth north — way north — of Sale’s sale price. So who cares that Blackstone is opening at under $9-a-share today.