After a few quiet months, it’s back in the news for 740 Park just at the start of the long summer slump. First came Page Six Magazine’s dissection of its co-op board. Today, the New York Observer rumors that Leonard Blavatnick, the 740 Park reject (David Koch lives in the apartment he wanted) has bought Jocelyn “Bride of” Wildenstein‘s house, and Page Six prints an hysterical vignette involving the new Cityfile web site and the chauffeur who warned one of its photographers away from the front of 740, “if you know what’s good for you.” Which reminded me of the time a Fortune photographer staked out the front door of 740, trying to snap one of its most mysterious residents, hedge fund fella Israel Englander. They never did get that photo. Is 71st and Park a no-snap zone? A quick search of Google images yields not a single image of Izzy.