And suddenly there is only one 740 Park apartment on the market —Serena Boardman of Sothebys’ listing of the apartment (4/5C) formerly occupied by the late Randolph and June Speight. Aging I-banker Peter Huang‘s duplex next door (4/5D), which had been listed at $38 million (maintenance $10,574), is not (despite reports here and elsewhere) in contract. Rather, it’s off the market. So is the Courtney Sale Ross double duplex (12/13 C&D), which was never formally on the market, but was being not-so-quietly floated by the broker Edward Lee Cave. Reports had the Ross apartment unlisted at $60 million; actually the widow of the Time-Warner mogul Steve Ross was looking for $75 million, my sources say, but yanked it due to lack of interest. And Huang? He’s hanging, waiting to see what happens with the Speight place. “There are too many trophy apartments on the market now,” says a broker in the know. Now, you know, too. One more rich little bonus detail, unreported until now: The 740 flip tax is 3% —paid by the purchaser.