New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia looks askance (towards the bottom of the page) at last night’s 60th birthday fete for financier Steve Schwarzman, where the decor featured a trompe l’oiel (or fool the eye) recreation of the Schwarzman’s famous duplex apartment at 740 Park (which Page Six upgraded today from a $29.9 million apartment — the price Schwarzman actually paid in 2000 — to a $40 million apartment. Nice return on investment, Steve!). Expect more commentary on the pricey fete (Columbia speculates it cost about $15 million) that appears to have been far more evocative of the style of the previous owner of the apartment, the oversized Saul M. Steinberg, than of his predecessor, the modest John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Needless to say, comments like that probably explain why this writer was not on the 450make that 650-swells-strong guest list!