So, it turns out that the sale of Courtney Sale Ross‘ double duplex apartment at 740 Park–first reported here–was indeed closed for “about $52 million,” as reported elsewhere–$52.5 million to be precise–and not the asking price of $60 million, as Gripepad initially heard. The buyers, reports Kim Velsey of the New York Observer, are Howard Marks, head of the Oaktree Capital investment firm, and wife Nancy. Gripepad’s favorite fun fact from the official city filing? Real estate taxes on the transaction totalled $1,483,125. That won’t buy you much at 740 Park, but elsewhere in Manhattan, it’s the price of a nice two-bedroom co-op. The Markses also own some prime Los Angeles unreal estate–a sprawling six-bedroom estate on Oakmont Drive in Brentwood, where their neighbors include the conductor Zubin Mehta and his wife, another Nancy. Though the Ross-Marks sale price has been touted as setting a record for the highest price paid for a single co-op apartment, it should probably carry an asterisk since it’s really two apartments. The C-line abode once belonged to screenwriter William Goldman, the D-line to William Hale Harkness of the Standard Oil family.