Rogues’ Gallery is “a blockbuster exhibition of human achievements and flaws,” Amy Finnerty says in the New York Times Book Review. Finnerty writes at length about the book’s substance and scope as well as its “… pages of Vanity Fair-worthy name-dropping and social-climbing.” Here’s the full review. UPDATE: Finnerty did complain that the book was full of “lurid details” that overwhelmed the museum’s magnificent art. To which a friend in academia responds: “I’d hardly call the plain truth ‘lurid.'” I’d add that the history of art and art collecting is full of lurid human behavior that has always threatened, but never quite succeeded in overwhelming the fruit of human creativity. And on that note, this seems as good a time as any to add what one of New York’s great philanthropists told me sotto voce over dinner earlier this month: “You know why they’re all going crazy, don’t you? You got it all right.”