That’s me, at right, at Antonio Lamela and Richard Roger’s amazing Madrid Barajas Airport yesterday, en route to London and thence home to New York. I look happy, don’t I? I wasn’t, by the time we got home. Seated behind us on the trans-Atlantic flight was a mother with a small child who was old enough to speak but preferred to shriek. And shriek. And shriek. When the kid finally shut up, the mother went to sleep and started to snore. Almost as loudly. Yes, I know, the princess and the pea. And some kids are well-behaved. And as a kindly stewardess explained, a dedicated seating area on board for parents with children would not only be a royal pain for the crew, but would likely be attacked as some form of discrimination. But after finally getting some sleep myself (at home), I’ve had a thought. Airlines charge extra for just about everything these days. Hotels are sometimes adults-only or have adults-only areas where peace reigns. So why can’t airline do the same? I’d gladly pay an extra $50 or even $100 for a guaranteed seat in an adults-only section. Wouldn’t you?