Last fall, I spoke at a literary lunch at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, where I was photographed (above) with a flamboyant bottle blonde character who called himself Mordan and ran a magazine and web site called SFR (for Social and Financial Responsibility) International that wrote up the event. This weekend, I learned that the not-so-responsible Mordan is in jail, revealed as an ex-convict and alleged to be a swindler. The D Magazine’s Sweet Charity philanthropy blog has been all over the story, noting the irony of this rogue’s appearance at a Rogues’ Gallery event. Blogger Jeanne Prejean was kind enough to say I looked uncomfortable in Mordan’s presence, kinder still to say that since that lunch, Rogues’ Gallery has become “a publication sensation… thanks to a word-of-mouth wave.” Nothing mordan(t) about that.