Maybe you can go home again. After more than a decade, I’m back in New York magazine today, or more precisely, on its Daily Intel blog, with the back story of Napster founder Sean Parker‘s new home in Greenwich Village. The $20 million townhouse at 40 West 10th Street (above) is a perfect fit for this tech misfit.
UPDATE: With all due respect to my pals at the New York Times, which this afternoon posted a piece they’ll publish Sunday on this same house (in other words, you read it first on Daily Intel), the price Enrico Cinzano paid for it is easy to find (if you know where to look) and the sculptor Charles Keck did not live there “for almost sixty years.” He bought it in 1911, moved out in 1937, and his estate sold it in 1952, forty-one years later. The lesson: Don’t believe what you read in real estate listings!