David Bowie’s return this week reminded me of the last lines of a profile I wrote long ago of his friend and collaborator Brian Eno, and a comment Eno made on his work with Bowie on the albums Low and Heroes. It’s applicable to just about any creative endeavor. “We’d go to the studio, work for hours on end, and then come back and find ourselves sitting in the kitchen at 6:00 AM too tired to make anything to eat,” Eno said. “What Bowie would do was tie a napkin ’round his throat and break a couple raw eggs into his mouth. I thought, ‘Fuck, this is really funny. If only this could go on the album cover.’ If only people could really see how workmanlike this life is in a way. It’s just going to work and doing things as best you can, and then coming back feeling hungry and tired and breaking eggs in your mouth.”