The blogger Culturgrrl ran an odd item yesterday, telling her readers that Thomas P. Campbell, the director-elect of the Metropolitan Museum, had been written up in a newspaper, but declining to name it or link it because it is in his home town of Ossining, New York — a curious omission. Culturgrrl nonetheless borrowed the photo that accompanied the piece and cited the photographer, whose name is unique enough that a Google search led directly to the Westchester Journal-News article, which ran two months ago and compares the previously unsung Campbell, a bit uncharitably, to Sarah Palin. Culturgrrl also reports that current director Philippe de Montebello has been given a new title at the Met, never before bestowed, director emeritus, but also fails to mention that there is another living former director of the museum, Montebello’s predecessor Thomas Hoving, and that this latest honor to the outgoing Montebello is the latest in a long line of unsubtle slaps at Hoving, who earned the museum board’s and Montebello’s enmity by telling tales out of school about the real life of the Met in his deliciously revealing books and journalism. While the museum might prefer that Hoving’s name and many accomplishments be erased from the record, his absence at last week’s gala goodbye dinner for Montebello was nonetheless noted by some attendees. History will likely be kinder to him.