I make my debut in Crain’s New York Business on Monday with a column on the war between Pinch Sulzberger‘s New York Times and Rupert Murdoch‘s Wall Street Journal. A paragraph about my personal relationships with the subjects got cut from the column for space, so here it is: I am well-versed in this story. Though I grew up reading the Herald-Tribune and all the tabs, once they died, my primary newspaper loyalty went to the Times and the Post. I worked as a Times reporter and columnist in the 1980s. My sister worked there for years. Our father wrote a column for thirty-some years for Dorothy Schiff’s pre-Murdoch New York Post. I have sometimes worked for the Murdoch Post as a freelance book reviewer but more important, I spent my most productive years in journalism working for New York Magazine when Murdoch owned it. (One day, perhaps, I’ll write about the difference between working for New York and for the Times.) I have also worked at Mort Zuckerman’s News, which Murdoch’s Praetorian Guard at Page Six has memorably dubbed The Snooze. A certain envy of the Post’s freewheeling ways was evident in my News editor’s dismissal of the Post. He called it The Daily Astonishment. I now write books that I hope (as often as not in vain) will be reviewed by all of the above-named publications. Sometimes they are. Je ne regret rien. Including this column.