Today’s New York Times gives presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump the business over how he treats women in business. Readers of Gripepad may recall its repeated references to that subject back in March, plumbing quotes he gave for My Generation, a generational biography just re-released as an e-book. For instance: After he graduated from Wharton, Manhattan was Donald Trump’s post-graduate school. He majored in making money, but minored in sex, taking full advantage of the times and the extraordinary opportunities they offered to indulge in consequence-free promiscuity, “my second business,” Trump recalled. “If I hadn’t got married, who knows what would have happened? You had drugs, women and booze all over the fuckin’ place.” You can certainly see that same guy in today’s Times. And if you want to know about sex in the Donald’s private life, revisit another Gripepad post, this one referencing wife #2, Marla Maples.