Can we talk disgusting ripoffs? My fourteen-year-old dog has kidney issues and needed a human anti-nausea medication. For convenience sake, our vet called it into our local Duane Reade, where I picked up 30 4 MG Ondansetron tablets and was shocked by the $126 bill. So I called my vet who said the same Rx would have been $17 there. Though the bottle was sealed, citing state law, @DuaneReadeNY wouldn’t take it back. So I contacted @DuaneReade which told me I should have joined some prescription savings club. Too little too late? “As for the price provided by your veterinarian,” Phil Caruso of parent Walgreen’s media relations department wrote to me, “I am sorry I can’t speak to their business model?” I guess he means the “business model” that doesn’t believe in price-gouging. Can I ask you all to pass this on and #boycottduanereade ???