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Liz Smith devotes her entire column to an advance peek at Focus today. “It is a phantasmagoria of gossip, history, fabulous times, terrible times; the men (and a couple of women) who turned their creative lenses onto runways, clothes, models and (as in the case of Richard Avedon) onto America itself,” the columnist writes. “If you love fashion and/or the art of photography, this book is for you. But even if you couldn’t care less about the skirts swirled or the fabric bunched, or how Bert Stern or Irving Penn or David Bailey or Bruce Weber or Corinne Day or Bob and Terry Richardson or Helmut Newton or Bill King achieved their effects, Focus gives us page after page of down and delicious dish….Michael Gross captures the bizarre hot-house intensity of an industry that is both ever-changing but eternally the same….Michael also conveys the genius (sometimes tortured) of the photographers…This is a big, intelligent, exhaustively researched, lovingly written book….Focus finds the fire beneath the ice of glossy magazine pages, and does it without burning down the house.” In a word: Wow.